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Baggage Tags

Baggage Tags

Rs. 400

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We're not saying that your luggage isn't as chic as you are, but in the endless line of bags on the carousel you'll thank us when your luggage stands out in style.

And as aesthetically awesome as these are, they'll help you keep track of all your bags, big and small when you actually put these to use. You know us, function and form, we love them both.

They're stiff paper card and hardy, we've had them on our bags for a bit now, through crowded indian railway stations and airplanes, they're still there, a bit grungy and more awesome.

No more crying over losing that luxurious leather baggage tag, firstly leather, secondly, every other dodo has one. We don't like pushing our products, but get these, you will not regret it!!

It's one of our best looking products yet. High textured italian paper card stock, 3" x 5" / 76MM x 127MM, set of 6 Baggage Tags in a box.

Made with love for the design loving global nomad. Ships worldwide.

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